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Welcome to Year 3



In Year 3 our teachers are Miss Swallow (Year 3&4 Phase Leader) supported by Mrs Hawk (Flamingos), Miss Shipley supported by Mrs Wilkins (Macaws) and Mrs Evans supported by Mrs Fenton (Toucans).


Friday 5th October 2018 

Our 'Well Done' Awards this week go to:-

Flamingos - Isabelle

Toucans - Ava and Oscar

Macaws - Saaim

CURRICULUM EVENING - 18th September 2018

Please click here to view the Year 3/4 Curriculum Evening Presentation.


Please click here to view the Year 3 Curriculum Overview.


This term, we have started by focusing on narrative writing using a wonderful story called 'How to Heal a Broken Wing'.  Across the school, the children have produced some lovely writing already!

Later in the term, we will be looking at 'Stone Age Boy' to enhance our topic and will be looking at the structure of our sentences and the use of expanded noun phrases.


This term, we will be delving into the past to see what life was like in Stone Age Britain.  Part of our work will involve children learning about rocks and skeletons.  We will also look at historical landmarks such as Stonehenge.  In Art, we will be exploring silhouettes.


In addition to spelling, children will be expected to read at least three times a week.  This should be recorded in your child's reading record and will be checked by an adult each morning.

Maths and English homework will be sent home in workbooks on a Thursday and children are asked to return homework on a Tuesday.


There will be a fortnightly spelling programme during the autumn term.  For the first half of the term every child will be revisiting previously taught spelling patterns to consolidate their learning.  During the second half of the term, we will complete three spelling sessions a week with the children using the schools RWI spelling scheme.

Children will be provided with a log book to record the spelling pattern that they are working on alongside any words that they need to practise at home.

Please click here to view the Year 3 and 4 Word/Spelling List.


Autumn 1:  place value and addition and subtraction

Autumn 2: multiplication and division

We will also be regularly practising mental arithmetic skills, including number bonds and times tables (2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8) to improve children's fluency and speed of recall.


Each class will be taught in a block of lessons over 2 weeks.  These swimming sessions will replace one of your child's PE slots during the half term that the swimming lessons take place.

Flamingos - 15.10.18, 17.10.18, 19.10.18, 22.10.18, 24.10.18

Toucans - 7.11.18, 9.11.18, 12.11.18, 14.11.18, 16.11.18

Macaws - 19.11.18, 21.11.18, 23.11.18, 26.11,18, 28.11.18


Flamingos Autumn 1 - Monday                          

Flamingos Autumn 2 - Monday and Friday

Macaws Autumn 1 - Tuesday and Friday

Macaws Autumn 2 - Tuesday

Toucans Autumn 1 - Tuesday and Friday

Toucans Autumn 2 - Tuesday

Please can you ensure that your child has their full PE kit in school for these days as well as long hair tied back.  For safety reasons, jewellery is not to be worn during PE lessons, therefore could you please ensure your child is able to remove it independently before the lesson or have it removed before coming into school. 


  • Read with your child as much as possible as this helps with their fluency and understanding of texts as well as helping to increase their imagination for their own writing.  Please ensure your child fills out their reading record for each book they read.  We expect your child to read between 1 and 2 books from then school reading scheme per week.
  • Practise times tables.  Revise 2, 5 and 10 times table from Year 2.  By the end of Year 3, children are expected to know their times tables at speed and be able to rapidly recall the 3, 4, 8 and 11 times tables.  In school, children practise times tables using Times Tables Rock Stars four times each week.
  • Encourage your children to play on the following educational websites:


Times Tables Rocks Stars - www.ttrockstars.com

Top Marks - http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games


Education City - www.educationcity.co.uk

Letter Join - www.letterjoin.co.uk

Please click here to view list of generic questions to help parents discuss a text with their child when reading.


Year 3 Recorder Sessions take place on Friday afternoons.


Please check that your child has an apron or art shirt in their bags for messy activities in school.