School Council

Here at Hagley Primary the children are at the heart of school life.  We have a very active School Council that is involved in different aspects of the school.  The School Council is made up of a representative from  each class from Year 1 through to Year 6.  The children go through a system where they are nominated as school councillor, then they give a speech to their class and finally a class vote occurs. 

The School Council meets once a month to discuss matters.  The children bring their own agenda ideas to the meeting from their individual classes and they also discuss whole school issues.  Over the course of last year some of the main items that the children discussed were:

The children’s ideas from each meeting are recorded as minutes and then fed back to each class. The school council also play a valuable role in our recruitment process and form a panel of interviewers for all our successful applicants. As part of the interview process, the school council will ask each candidate questions devised as a group and then feedback to an appropriate member of SLT or the governing body. These discussions help to form part of our final appointment. 

Eco Council 

At Hagley Primary School we have a dedicated Eco Council who are voted into the position by members of their class. These children are often chosen for their commitment and enthusiasm for the environment and issues surrounding our planet. We follow the Eco Schools programme which takes us through a process of reflection, evaluation and action planning across the course of a year. The Eco Council meet regulalry to discuss the progress of our action plan as well as feeding back important information to members of their class. Over the last few years, the team have delivered assemblies and developed in school inititaives such as switch off afternoons and our 'Banish the Bottle campaign' to reduce the amount of single-use plastics. 

In June 2021, the hard work and commitment of our Eco team has been recognised with the award of the Eco Schools Green Flag. We are incredibly proud of all those involved with this application as this has had to be completed under the unprecedented circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Eco magazine

As part of our action plan this academic year, the Year 6 Eco-Councillors wanted to produce a magazine linked to all 3 areas of our action plan. Unfortunately, this has taken longer than anticpated due to COVID-19; however, we are delighted, after a few months work, to release our first issue of ECO. Click here to read our magazine which features sections about our impact on the environment as well as crosswords and wordsearches. 

Eco friendly tie (KS2 tie only)

We are now in the position to be able to sell school ties which are also environmentally friendly. These can be purchased via ParentPay and are made from two recycled plastic bottles. This helps promote the ethos of reduce, reuse and recycle and should also reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. The quality of the tie is excellent and it is almost impossible to tell the difference between our new eco-friendly version and an original tie. 

The following advertisements have been produced by members of our Year 5 and 6 Eco Council.