Therapeutic Play at Hagley

Hagley Primary School is proud to have trained therapeutic play practitioners.  Therapeutic play may be  offered if your child's class teacher has identified that your child needs support with their emotional well-being and this play-based strategy complements our existing successful Thrive programme.  Through the therapeutic use of play our practitioners provide children with the opportunity to express their feelings naturally and safely. 


During the sessions children are provided with a  selection of play materials such as small figures, animals, sand and water, musical instruments, clay, books and art and craft materials.  Rather than encouraging children to use verbal explanations of any concerns they may have, our trained staff will help your child to express their feelings through play.  If you have any questions about therapeutic play please call Kerry Baggott our Lead TA for Social and Emotional Wellbeing or Mrs Hyland, our Assistant Head Teacher with Responsibilities for Access and Inclusion.