Welcome to Year 1


In Year 1 our teachers are Mr Bate and Mrs Ratcliffe (Penguins); Mrs Stanley (Puffins); Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Evans (Pelicans). We are supported by teaching assistants Mrs Hebbron, Miss Grainger, Mrs Washbourne and Mrs Wilkins.


New Class Videos - a "hello" from your new teachers!

Welcome to Penguins from Mr Bate and Mrs Ratcliffe

Welcome to Pelicans from Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Evans

Welcome to Puffins from Mrs Stanley


Thursday 1st April 2021

Our Awards this week go to:

Penguins - Lillian

 Pelicans - Lucy

Puffins - Dhariyan



Please click here to see the Curriculum Overview for Year 1.


During the first half term, we will focus on developing the children’s confidence to write using their phonics knowledge and increasing accuracy of high frequency words (red words).  We will be developing the children’s understanding of what sentences are and their ideas will be recorded in correctly punctuated sentences. There will be a big emphasis on the presentation of their work and the new cursive handwriting style.  We will have the opportunity to cover a wide variety of books and authors throughout this term.


Please click here to view the phase 3 sound mat.

Please click here to view the Phase 5 sound mat.

For the power point on Phonics, please click here.

Please click here to view the presentation on Phonics screening in Year 1



The children will participate in a range of practical activities and games which will develop their confidence to:


Through the topic ‘Ourselves,' the children will learn to label the parts of the body, that humans are living and that living things eat, drink, breathe, grow and reproduce.

The children will also explore their five senses in a variety of fun ways.

We will also develop our investigation skills and will be encouraged to ask questions to further our understanding.


Art - The children will have the opportunity to develop their skills of drawing. They will explore the way lines can be used to create different effects, following on from this they will be creating their own self-portraits. The children’s sketchbooks will show the progression of their art skills followed by a final product.

Music - The children will use different body parts to create different sounds and effects and also learn lots of lovely harvest songs.

PE - The children will be using different parts of their bodies to create shapes and movements and then link these together.  They will also practise different ways of travelling.

Computing - 

The children will:



Homework is set each Friday and to be returned on a Wednesday

Spellings are set on a Friday and tested the following Thursday/Friday.


Please click here to view our Year 1 Common Exception Words.



Please read with, and to your child regularly and let us know how they are getting on via the reading diary. To help monitor and view the children's progress, it is important that they bring their reading diaries each day 

Encourage your children to talk about what they have done at school and answer your questions.

Support your children with their homework which will be set on a Friday and collected in on a Wednesday.



Please can you ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school on the days when your child has PE. Warm jumpers and joggers are also recommended at this time of year for Outdoor PE.

Refillable water bottles are great to keep your children focussed and hydrated throughout the day – please can you ensure your child has a water bottle in school with no squash or flavoured water. 



Maths workshop Power Point 

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Please click here for the Year 1 and 2 curriculum evening presentation.


 Thank you for your continued support.

The Year 1 Team