Welcome to Year 2



In Year 2 our teachers are Mrs Stanley (Wrens), Miss Clements (Kingfishers),  Miss Hadley  (Robins).  We are supported by teaching assistants Mrs Hollick, Mrs Hodson and Mrs Wilkins.

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Welcome to Wrens from Miss Hadley   

Welcome to Robins from Miss Taylor

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Our 'Well Done' Awards this week go to

Wrens - Jovan S

Kingfishers - Martha V

Robins - Max S



Please click here to see the Curriculum Overview for Year 2.

Please click on the image below to see our curriculum workshop powerpoint.



Design and Technology and Art - This term, we will be look at line drawing and using shading. Art work will be linked to shells and observation drawing.  

PSHE and British Values - This term the pupils will be looking at their rights and responsibilities within school and the consequences of their actions.

History - We will be comparing popular seaside holidays, with the pupils’ present day experiences, and those from the past. Children will sequence events and learn to ask and answer questions about different sources of information.

Geography - As part of our topic work, we will be looking in detail at a range of UK seaside locations, through pictures and maps. We will also be looking at the human and physical features.


Design and Technology and Art - This term, we will be looking at different scales in art using the same design. Art work will be linked to the story 'Masha and the Firebird'. In DT we will be making castles with a moving part using sliders and levers.

PSHE and British Values - This term we will be focusing on equality, honesty and consequences. We will use role play scenarios to enable children to identify the consequences of not being honest.

History – This term we will be retelling a significant historical event (The Battle of Hastings). We will explore different sources such as The Bayeux Tapestry to predict and ask questions about what happened. We will identify why the battle happened and sequence the events onto a timeline.

Geography – We will look at aerial and plan views linking with traditional tales.

Computing - We will navigate websites to research and find information out about a specific topic, we will also discuss the importance of copyright and plagiarism.  Underpinning all of this is how to keep safe online.



We will be reading and writing our own nonfiction texts about the seaside in the past and now. We will also be looking at seaside themed stories e.g: Sally & the Limpet and recreating our own version. During Guided Reading sessions, we will continue to work on fluency and decoding, as well as identifying nouns, adjectives and expanded noun phrases.  


Our key texts this term are:

Whilst using these texts the children will write a variety of genres (diary, description and non-chronological report).

During Guided Reading sessions, we will continue to work on expression, fluency, decoding and comprehension, as well as identifying conjunctions, adverbs and different sentence types.



In Maths, we will focus on counting and place value, including ordering and comparing numbers.  The pupils will develop their understanding of + and – using different mental calculation strategies. The pupils will also practice mental recall facts throughout the year.


During this term we will be introducing:

We will also consolidate skills linked to addition and subtraction including reasoning and problem solving skills. Fluency remains a priority and the children will practice their 2, 5 and 10 times tables.



This term, we will be learning about what it means to be alive. The children will be able to identify living, and dead things and things that have never been alive.


We will explore:

We will also look at how to keep ourselves healthy including hygiene, diet, exercise and medicines.  This links in with our PSHE topic too.


We will carry out daily handwriting sessions across the week, to help the pupils develop their cursive style further. As well as this, we will incorporate daily spelling and grammar sessions into our timetable. Pupils will be tested every Friday and issued with their new spellings; we would really appreciate it if you could practice these at home with your child.


This term, the pupils will be improving their ball control, through tailored activities. We will look at improving our aiming, throwing, catching and passing skills through multi-skilled activities.


In dance we will be creating our own sequences and thinking about how we can use our body.


Homework is set each Friday and to be returned the following Wednesday.

Spellings are set on Friday and tested the following Friday.

Throughout the year, spellings are to be revised by the children. Please click here to view the listed spellings for Year 2


Home Learning

Please click on the image below to view this weeks homework. Homework is due Wednesday 18th March

Please complete pages 14 and 15 of the maths booklets. 

Spellings for this week

Please click on the image below to view this weeks spellings. 


Please can you ensure your child has the correct PE kit in school on the days when your child has PE. Warm jumpers and joggers are also recommended at this time of year for Outdoor PE.

Reading books are changed every Monday in class – Please write in your child’s reading record when you have heard them read - It is great to hear about their progress at home!

Refillable water bottles are great to keep your children focussed and hydrated throughout the day – please can you ensure your child has a water bottle in school with no squash or flavoured water. 


Workshop Information

Please click the image below to view a copy of the Reading Workshop Powerpoint. 

Grammar workshop Power point

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SRE Parent workshop

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