Daily activities supplementary to newsletters


Joe Wicks is currently producing a fantastic workout video at 9am every morning via his Youtube channel. There is no need to subscribe and this is live streamed each morning. If you do miss the session, these are available to watch at a later date. The activities are fun for all the family and will certainly help you to break a sweat!


If you want to add more variety to your daily exercise and fitness, we have created a list of useful resources to support with further physical activity. To access the document, including links and login details, click here.



If you want to give your body a stretch, we highly recommend Cosmic Kids Yoga. These videos are often set to stories whilst also being great exercise and a lot of fun. The Harry Potter video is particularly excellent! 



Reading and writing

Rapid reading in KS1

Every child in KS1 has been given access to Rapid Reading. This is a structured reading programme that we follow in school. The platform provides the children access to books, set by their teacher, and even has the facility to have the book read aloud. The books also come with activities which will provide the teacher with further information about a child's reading ability. 

To view the Rapid Reading information sent to parents, click here. 


Pie Corbett - Daily podcast 

Pie Corbett, a fantastic author and teacher trainer famous for Talk for Writing techniques, is now producing a daily English lesson from 9:30-10:30am via his new website. Pie and his team deliver the lesson in real time via the website and there is lots of interactivty so that the children can join in with the creative writing and English tasks. We are a huge fan of Pie Corbett so would highly recommend using this at home.


Please note, although the live podcasts have now ended, previous editions can still be accessed via the link


Piers Torday 

Piers Torday, a fantastic KS2 author, is producing a daily 10 minute creative writing task for children. Each day he gives a stimulus for writing and encourages the children to get creative with their writing for 10 minutes. 


He is also reading a chaper of his stories each day at 2:30pm via his live instagram account. Details about this can also be found via the link above 


David Walliams 

David Walliams, who I am sure many of you know, is releasing an audio version of one of his stories everyday at 11am. You can find these on the following link. 



World Book Day and beyond

Although World Book Day has been and gone this year, their website still offers a range of wonderful resources to keep reading alive! 



The BookTrust 

The BookTrust have a fantastic section on their website called HomeTime. It includes readings from authors, drawing guides from illustrators and also games, quizzes and competitions. 

To access the HomeTime area, use the following link



Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl, the company who provide our Read Write Inc phonics and spelling scheme, have set up a free resource centre for parents. This includes a fantastic selection of free ebooks for the children to read. They are organised into year groups and age bands so that you can choose an age-appropriate book. The ebooks also have a play aloud function so that your child can follow the story whilst it is read aloud to them. To access the website you simply need to sign up with an email address. 



Weekly activities supplementary to newsletters


Rob Biddulph is a bestselling and multi award-winning author/illustrator. He is also the official World Book Day Illustrator for 2019 and 2020. Rob is posting a how to video twice a week which gives children a step-by-step drawing guide. Already he has posted bears, aliens and the famous World Book Day bookmarks! 

For anyone who is interested in art, or who wants to improve their drawing skills, these are perfect. 



French, Music and Computing

Our wonderful KS2 PPA staff have put together some brilliant resources so that you can continue to practise your skills in music*, french* and computing. To access the docment, click here.