Here is this week's home learning newsletters and the corresponding resources. White Rose Maths worksheets and answers are on the Maths section of the home learning pages. 

Year 1 


Early Morning Work Slides 

Little Red Riding Hood story 

Little Red Riding Hood description sorting 

Design a sandwich 

Sandwich cut and stick 

Woodcutter interview

Reading comprehension

Maths activity 

Year 2 


Early Morning Work

Panda feeling and thinking grid 

Panda mindful colouring 

The monkey's in the jungle 

There's a 'Rang-tan' in my bedroom 

Blank world map

Miss Hadley reading the story 'Invisible String' - Please note the password is the same as the previous reading video from Mrs Stanley.


Year 3


Early Morning Work

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory extracts 1 and 2 

Year 4 


Early Morning Work

Year 5 


To access the quiz for topic task 2 click here. (Make sure your put your name in at the beginning so that we know who you are) Please note that when you get the answers marked at the end, the quiz platform looks for an exact match with what you have written. If your answer is very close to the answers given, but it has marked you as incorrect, then still give yourself the point. We have tried to input as many correct answers as possible when setting up the marking to help with this. When we look at your answers on the teacher spreadsheet, we can see how close you were also. 

Early Morning Work - For a larger version of the Fantastic French Friday wordsearch, click here 

Time zones map

After watching the time zone video on bitesize, if you would like a guide of how to calculate using the time zones map, click here. This is the instruction video mentioned in your home learning newsletter.

Time zone answer grid

Year 6


Early Morning Work