Online Safety is an important part of our curriculum to ensure the children are well prepared to manage the dangers and benefits of using the internet. Children are having increased access to the internet, smart phones and hand held computers. It is crucial that we all support children so that they can access these safely.

At school we teach Online Safety through 'Get Connected Week' three times a year. We also embed Online Safety at Hagley through assemblies and sending information home to parents. Please click on the image below to view our Online Safety Provision. 

Safer Internet Day 2021 

Please see images below of some of the work we did for Safer Intenet Day this year. 


Important Documents 

For our school presentation on Online Safety, please click the image above. For an Online Safety factsheet, please click the image above. For an Online Safety helpsheet, please click the image above. For information on Good Digital Parenting, please click the image above. For some Online Safety tips, please click the image above. 


School and Governors work really hard to ensure that the children have a good understanding of Online Safety in school however these messages need to be supported and backed up by Parents & Carers at home.

The following websites provide excellent advice and training for parents on Online Safety. Please click on the images below to view the websites. 


Parent INFO

Internet Matters  Net Aware National Online Safety


The following link will allow you to report a concern to CEOP/police regarding any concerns you have about online behaviour.