Well-being and Emotional Support

It is natural to feel concerned during unsettling times. We advise that you continue to reduce any anxieties that your child may experience in these exceptional circumstances. In order to support their well-being, we offer some of the following suggestions: 

Throughout this page, you will find some useful resources to help ease and manage worries that your child may have. 



Below you will find a selection of meditation activities written and recorded by Miss Hawthorne. Please follow the link to access the recording. 

For a peaceful visualisation, click here for 'Forest Calm'

For a meditation to help manage little worries, click here for 'Worry Bubbles' - Please encourage your child to also talk about their worries.

For a calming visualisation, click here for 'Misty Mountain'

For calm and relaxation, click here for 'Warm Glow'

For relaxation and focus, click here for 'Monster Squeeze'


Story Books

Pleae click on the book below for a story about returning to school (please skip the first 2 pages).


Please click on the books below for fantastic stories to share with your child which helps to explain concepts such as social distancing and also the importance of staying at home. 








Emotional well being and support is crucial during these unprecedented times.

Thrive have created two well-being kits for children aged 4-7 and 5-11. These are filled with a range of actvities to support emotional health and well being. 

Toolkit for children up to the age of 7 

Toolkit for children up to the age of 11

Helpful Websites

We have included a list of helpful websites that may be useful during these times.  Additionally, please do not hesitate to contact our school nurse, Michelle Hanrahan, on 01562 514555 if needed or email the generic school health nurses at: whcnhs.startingwellpublichealthnursingwf@nhs.net



Twitter account -  @SN_Kidd














Please see link below for children and young people relating to Covid-19 pandemic.



ACAMH have produced a podcast to help parents with children who are autistic please click on the link below to listen to the podcast.



Please click here for more information on the Here2Help service from Worcestershire County Council.

Relax Kids have created a free Calm Pack for kids.  Please find the link below:



Rockpool - Supporting Parents and Children Emotionally (SPACE)

Rockpool have produced five factsheets for parents and practitioners with the aim of providing information by using trauma awareness about children's and adult's emotional behaviour (click the factsheet): ​

ï‚· Factsheet 1: Being Safe 

ï‚· Factsheet 2: Keeping Connected 

ï‚· Factsheet 3: Understanding Resilience 

ï‚· Factsheet 4: A Nurturing Environment 

ï‚· Factsheet 5: Understanding Emotions and Healthy Relationships 


The Rockpool website is here: https://rockpool.life/