We know how much our children in Key Stage 2 love their French lessons. We also recognise that it is important to do lots of practice when you are learning something new. Below, Madame Wild, our French teacher, has put together some useful resources to recap the key areas of learning. 

We recommend that you find activities linked to areas you have already covered in French. This will help to keep the learning whizzing around your brains and enable you to remember more of it.

French stories (the password for these videos is the same as our well done assemblies on a Friday)

To listen to Madame Wild share a story in French, click here. (suitable for all year groups) - Click here to access the Youtube video mentioned by Madame Wild

To listen to Madame Wild share a very famous Michael Rosen story in French, click here. (suitable for all year groups) 


Numbers worksheets 

Matching numbers 

Toucan colour by numbers 


Colours wordsearch 

Colours worksheets 

Rainbow colouring 

Days of the week 

Days of the week worksheet 


Greetings puzzle 


French conversation worksheet 


My family worksheet 


Hobbies fortune teller resource 

Hobbies fortune teller instructions


Reading comprehension and writing in French