Below you will find the Picture News assembly for this week and associated PowerPoint. The assembly can be watched without the PowerPoint resource pack as this provides additional content to engage with the video. The PowerPoint follows this structure:

Slide 1 and 2: introduce the assembly question 

Slide 3: what this week's story is about 

Slide 4: useful vocabulary for discussion

Slide 5: further information to go with the assembly 

Slide 6: additional content to discuss suitable for EYFS and KS1 

Slide 7: additional conent to discuss suitable for KS2

Slide 8: a reflection 

Slides 9 and 10: links to British Values and the UN Rights of the Child 

Slide 11: useful vocabulary 

Slide 12-14: In the Spotlight newspaper for KS2 


To access the PowerPoint as a PDF click here 

To watch the assembly click here

For the really useful video (a CNA report) click here