The change in government guidance now means that fewer children are having to self-isolate (in most circumstances only when they have a positive case of COVID -19) or are having to wait for a shorter period of time for a negative test result.

If a child is awaiting a test result for a period of 1-2 days the following resources should be accessed by the children (links and resources are provided below): 


Oak National Academy 

Below you will find the link to the Oak National Academy website for each year group.  These classroom lessons are around an hour-long. They’re delivered by a teacher from the Oak National team, with a pre-recorded video as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities. It’s all easy to use, there’s no login or password, you can access our lessons on nearly any device, and the children only need materials they can find at home. When using these resources for only 1-2 days, we recommend accessing lessons from within your child's year group for the foundation subjects. You could perhaps choose a subject that the child is interested in or, alternatively, browse the subjects for things the children have already covered in school as revision. In addition, included are links to a short 5 lesson English unit for each year group. This would be suitable for a short period at home of 1-3 days.

Year 1 

Year 1 English unit 

Year 2

Year 2 English unit 

Year 3

Year 3 English unit 

Year 4

Year 4 English unit 

Year 5

Year 5 English unit 

Year 6

Year 6 English unit 

White Rose Maths 

Click here to access the White Rose Maths website which includes all their home learning videos and resources. When using these resources for only 1-2 days, we recommend following the current week and the resources within. In most instances, this will be similar to, or revision of, topics we have covered in school. Alternatively, the further websites tab has links to daily practise materials for Maths, including hit the button and daily arithmetic. 


Reading is the gateway to many other areas of learning and it is of paramount importance that the children regualrly read to help develop their confidence, fluency and comprehension skills. Below you will find resources to help support parents/carers at home, including access to online resources for reading and phonics 

Oxford owl e-library 

Due to our subscription with Oxford owl, we have access to a range of e-books for the children to read at home.

e-books from the Oxford Owl e-library, sorted by age

Age 4-7


Age 6-7


Age 7-9


Age 9-11


RWI phonics and banded books 

Click here to access a document which provides interactive books and slideshows appropriate the where the children are within the RWI phonics programme. The slideshows will allow the children to practise their sounds and the speed can be adjusted according to the child's confidence. 

Set 1

Set 1 initial sounds pack

Set 2







long oo 





short oo 

Set 3

air and are 

ay a_e and ai 

ay and a_e


ee and ea 

igh and i_e 

ir and ur 

ir, ur and er 


oo and u_e 

oo, u_e and ew 

or and aw 

ou and ow 

ow and o_e 

ow, o_e and oa 

oy and oi 


The BookTrust 

The BookTrust have a fantastic section on their website called HomeTime. It includes readings from authors, drawing guides from illustrators and also games, quizzes and competitions. 

To access the HomeTime area, use the following link



We encourage children to write creatively in school using a variety of writerly skills. Throughout each of our writing units, we continuously discuss the purpose and audience and how we can achieve our intended impact upon a reader. 

Pobble 365 - click here to access

Pobble 365 is a brilliant website which provides a writing stimulus every day of the year. Alongside this, each picture has discussion questions, a sentence challenge and sick sentences to improve. For those who are unsure what to write, the website also gives a story starter to help get the children writing. We recommend using the resource in the following ways:

Key Stage 1 

- Create a list using your senses e.g. what can you smell? 

- Write a list of nouns and adjectives from the picture 

- Write 3 sentences about the picture 

Key Stage 2 

- Look at the picture and think about the discussion questions - maybe discuss with someone at home 

- Read the story starter 

- See if you can improve one of the sick sentences 

- Sit quietly for a 45 minute writing session and write about the image

- At the end of the session, read through the writing and edit for spelling, punctuation and word choice (could the language be improved?) 

Get active 

These resources were produced by the Wyre Forest Sports Partnership during lockdown 1. Although older weekly resources, they still contain useful ideas of activities which can be done at home. 

Set 1

Pre-School challenges 

Key Stage 1 and Reception physical activity challenges 

Key Stage 2 physical activity challenges

Set 2

Pre-School challenges 

Key Stage 1 and Reception physical activity challenges 

Key Stage 2 physical activity challenges 

Set 3

Pre-School challenges 

Key Stage 1 and Reception physical activity challenges 

Key Stage 2 physical activity challenges