Our Thematic Curriculum

At Hagley Primary School we believe that outstanding education is a result of a love for learning.  We aim to make learning meaningful, relevant, engaging and memorable.  We want our children to be inquisitive and enjoy their education whilst developing a desire for lifelong learning.

At Hagley Primary we have a bespoke thematic curriculum that has been written to best meet the needs of our children.  The foundation subjects of History, Geography, Design Technology and Art are taught within our topic lessons.  Each topic begins with a Stunning Start to capture the children’s interests and inspires their learning.  It then moves onto a Marvelous Middle where a change of direction may occur or to reignite the children’s thirst for learning.   This allows the children to reflect upon their work so far.  We encourage them to suggest areas in which they would like to develop their learning further.  The topic finishes with a Fabulous Finale where the children’s work is celebrated in different forums.  The Finale also allows a wonderful opportunity for home school links to be cemented as parents are invited in to celebrate their children’s work.  Each topic lasts between half a term and a term. 

Running alongside the thematic curriculum, we also have whole school themed days and weeks, such as Values week and No Pens Wednesday.  Educational visits, outside speakers and specialist workshops occur to compliment the curriculum and learning of our children and help them to develop a broader skills base.  As such we believe that at Hagley Primary we have a curriculum that engages our children through a meaningful and relevant media and inspires in them a thirst for knowledge, whilst developing life skills.