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Hagley Primary School, Park Road
Stourbridge, West Midlands

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01562 883280

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Term Dates

Academic Year 2023 - 2024

TED DayMonday 4th September
TED DayTuesday 5th September
Autumn Term StartsWednesday 6th September
Autumn Half Term BreakMonday 30th October - Friday 3rd November
Christmas HolidaysMonday 25th December - Friday 5th January
TED DayMonday 8th January
Spring Term StartsTuesday 9th January
Spring Term StartsTuesday 9th January
Spring Half Term BreakMonday 12th February - Friday 16th February
Easter HolidaysMonday 25th March - Friday 5th April
Summer Term StartsMonday 8th April
TED DayFriday 24th May
Summer Half Term BreakMonday 27th May - Friday 31st May
TED DayMonday 22nd July
Summer Holidays StartsTuesday 23rd July

Academic Year 2024 - 2025 (without TED Days)

Autumn Term StartsMonday 2nd September
Autumn mid termMonday 28th October - Friday 1st November
ChristmasMonday 23rd December - Friday 3rd January
Spring mid-termMonday 17th February - Friday 21st February
EasterMonday 14th April - Friday 25th April
Summer mid-termMonday 26th May - Friday 30th May
End of summer termMonday 21st July

Online Safety

Believe, Achieve, Together We Succeed

Online Safety at Hagley Primary School

Online Safety is an important part of our curriculum at Hagley Primary School. We are living in an increasingly technological world and therefore it is essential we equip children with the strategies they need to be safe.  We recognise the importance of supporting children to become more resilient to online challenges and educating children to manage situations that may occur. 

In school, we have a whole-school half termly focus on each of the six strands to equip children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be safe online and, as a result, enjoy all the positive elements of the online space. 

In Autumn 1, we are focusing on ‘Online Relationships’.  Children will discuss respect, safe communication and consent to enable them to create positive online relationships.

 We also embed Online Safety at Hagley Primary School through assemblies, workshops and celebration of special events during the academic year.

Important Documents

Safer Internet Day

Please see below some examples of work for Safer Internet Day. 

National Online Safety Resources

National Online Safety is an amazing resource; it has parent guides for many different apps, games and social media networks. Please see some of the guides below. It also has courses; you can access these on your parent ‘National College‘ page.


School and Governors work really hard to ensure that the children have a good understanding of Online Safety in school however these messages need to be supported and backed up by Parents & Carers at home.

The following websites provide excellent advice and training for parents on Online Safety. Please click on the images below to view the websites.

The following link will allow you to report a concern to CEOP/police regarding any concerns you have about online behaviour.

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